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Scotch on the Road and CFObjective Presentations

A few people have asked me to post my presentations, and I should have done so anyway straight after the conferences, but of course, since I did three presentations + a Mystery Theatre at cfobjective and four presentations at Scotch on the Road I have been falling behind normal work and blog postings.

So, here for your delectation are all the presentations for you to download... (apart from the Mystery Theatre 3000 since that has a naughty picture in it)


The oddest CF error/strangeness I have spotted

I recently have been working on adding a couple of different cache providers for Model-Glue 3 .

So I was getting my head round Andrew Powell's CF_EHCache so that I can write an interface for it that Model-Glue can use, which should be simple enough since it already uses a SimpleTimedCache, when I come across a very odd thing, with the code out of the box I got the following error:

The system has attempted to use an undefined value, which usually indicates a programming error, either in your code or some system code.
   Null Pointers are another name for undefined values.

So I started dumping my way through it, so to speak, but it would work... eh?!

	var mBeanServer     = createObject('java','java.lang.management.ManagementFactory').getPlatformMBeanServer();

		variables.manager	= createObject('java','net.sf.ehcache.CacheManager');
	variables.cacheName = arguments.cacheName;
	<cfdump var="#variables.manager#">
	<cfset createObject('java','net.sf.ehcache.management.ManagementService').registerMBeans(variables.manager,mBeanServer,
<cfset variables.manager.addCache(javacast("string",arguments.cacheName))>


The above is the constructor code, I have split it out a bit so that you can see what is happening, but if call the above code without the cfdump, I get an error, but if remove it, it crashes. I have never seen something like this before.


This morning, writing this post, I realised that in the third line I had forgotten to add the .init() to the CacheManager. Go figure! Seems that cfdump does the init for you eh?


Like Model-Glue? Then get trained!

As you may know from my previous posts, I am a bit into Model-Glue. Besides giving tips on using it I have talked at a couple of ColdFusion User Groups about the framework and try and pass on any knowledge I can, since I think its a nice brief framework that in conjunction with ColdSpring and Reactor (or Transfer) can really help your application development. The problem with just giving tips, is that if you have a whole development team to get up to speed, you need more formal training to really get up to speed. If you are in the USA, I found out recently that Alagad,Inc that über development company (run by Reactor supremo Doug Hughes, with none other than Jared Rypka-Hauer and Scott Stroz amongst others!) has started offering training courses in Model-Glue! The four day course based in Arlington VA seems to cover anything you need to get your team up to date, and, for a hands-on four day course doesn't seem expensive at all (ok, that might be because the pound is strong against the dollar, but then again, its still pretty cheap). Check out the details on Alagad's site (Tell them I sent you and I am sure they will make you a cup of tea!)

Urgently Seeking ColdFusion Contractors

As some people might have noticed, its got so busy round here that I haven't been blogging as much as I used to and basically been keeping my head down and eyes on coding for the last few months. To aliviate this situation, Design UK, the company I work for is desperately seeking a couple of ColdFusion contractors to work in our London offices for a minimum of 2 weeks (could be up till XMas). No, you can't do the work remotely, sorry, don't ask. No, really... just don't. Also, if you are an agency, don't call me or email me. Just don't, really, you WILL get abuse, and I am sure you don't want that. The pay is dependent on experience (hey, I want to pay nothing, you want a lot, we compromise). The kind of experience that we are seeking is:
  • 2 years minimum ColdFusion (obviously)
  • Experience of Frameworks especially Model-Glue and ColdSpring are a massive plus
  • SQL Server knowledge
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS (yep, there is front end work to do too!)
  • XML (generating and parsing)
  • Subversion and Trac knowledge is also a plus
Start date is as soon as possible, so if you are available and want some work, let me know by emailing me your CV to .


Model Glue Tips Part 7: Set myself in your views

This is a quick tip for today. In all views you will probably be linking to other events, now of course you could write something like: <a href="#CGI.SCRIPT_NAME#?event=my.event">My Event </a> But what happens if you change the event key to something else (you can do that in the ModelGlue configuration section in the ColdSpring.xml file, see the property for "eventValue") such as "go" or "action"? You would have to change every view. A simple way round this is to put at the top of each view the following: <cfset myself = ViewState.getValue('myself')> And then change your links to: <a href="#myself#my.event">My Event </a> What do you think?